We Are Here To Serve You

As a company, we concentrate our resources into consulting and representation of our clients in M&A transactions and business management activities. We believe that having a specific focus allows us to maximize our added value and deliver first-class service to our partners.

We view our work with clients as a long-term partnership. In order for such a relationship to be withstanding we, at Southern Latitude, always found our decisions and interactions based on the following core values:

Honesty. For us, this is the most basic and irreplaceable principle in business. We are firm that we should always tell things the way they are, in direct and straightforward language.

Partnership. We believe that the only way to succeed in today’s dynamic and ever-changing environment is to foster partnerships. Therefore, we view every client as a long-term partner and not as a one-off transaction.

Openness. We are always open to even the slightest possibility that the current grasp of things can be wrong.

Keep it simple. Complexity is often overwhelming. However, even the most complicated assignment can be broken down into simple steps and tasks which are easy to perform and achieve.

Service excellence. We know that having long-term partnerships is only possible when delivering first-grade service.

Team. In our view success comes always through team effort. When we take decisions and actions we make sure that we harness our whole team’s collaborative energy and know-how. Hence, our partners can count on continuity and integrity in our service.